The New Language of Virtual and Hybrid Events

Team GTRTeam GTR October 28, 2020

Virtual event platforms. Online registration services. Agenda builders. Lead retrieval systems. Onsite badge printing. Event technologies. Registration websites.

It’s a new and confusing world out there with new and confusing language. We’d like to help you sort it out with this short glossary of terms. Next week, maybe we will take on astrophysics.

Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendees through their event journey allows you to send targeted surveys and emails and give access to sessions. Use attendance tracking to easily prove event ROI, give stats to sponsors and improve your next event.

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Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Known as AR and VR, these immersive technologies enhance the attendee experience by creating an interactive, sensory experience.

Event Agenda Builder

Event agenda builders allow attendees to easily take control of their schedules. Suitable for single or multi-day events, attendees can add sessions to their calendar, view speaker profiles, find occasions, and much more.

Event Technology

Event technology allows event planners to use digital tools to plan an event from start to finish. Event technology comes in many forms from software and mobile apps to extensive platforms.

Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship is a source of revenue for event planners and stakeholders in which brands invest and support an event financially in exchange for brand exposure to event attendees.

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Event Websites

Event websites are generally comprehensive, responsive, branded and user-friendly. Often designed for large or higher cost events, they are used for marketing events so people will register at registration websites.

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology tracks, records, and stores an individual’s facial features and is particularly useful for contactless event check-ins. It can also be used to provide automated speech to text so attendees can access information accurately for years to come.

Hybrid Event

A hybrid event is a meeting, event, conference or trade show that combines an in-person component with an online or digital experience.

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

Interactive touch screen kiosks offer a broad spectrum of services that can assist and engage attendees. In addition to fast information access, they can be used for touchless ticketing, payments, directions and improved security.

Lead Retrieval

This is a method for capturing and processing sales leads generated at an event, trade show or conference by using a device to scan a code or number to digitally collect a person’s data from the registration database.

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Online Registration Services

Online registration services create user-friendly, 24/7 advance registration that can be customized to an event. The benefits are many. Attendees can register anytime and anywhere with immediate confirmation. Organizers get real time registration information and member verifications well as statistical, financial and geographical reports.

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Registration Website

Registration websites have one purpose – easy online registration for the attendee and easy access to data for event organizers. You can use them with an event website for larger events or as a standalone for low cost, smaller events.

Trade Show Badge

A custom printed badge with an attendee’s name and info is the perfect icebreaker to foster networking. Want to print badges on-site at your next live or hybrid event? Learn more about GTR’s touchless badge printing.

Learn more about GTR’s touchless badge printing

Trade Show Badge Scanner

Used at live and hybrid events, trade show badge scanners are a popular way to allow exhibitors to scan people’s badges in order to have a list of after-event contacts. It’s like adding someone to your contacts list…but in person.

Touchless Badge Printing

Change the check-in process by allowing people to check-in by themselves. By sending attendees a code to scan at a touchless badge printing kiosk, they can print a badge and not have to touch anything but their phone and freshly printed badge. This can help social distancing at your events and add a new safety benefit to your event plan.

Virtual Event Platforms

These are platforms that incorporate a variety of tools to plan, promote and execute online events. Not unlike the event management platforms you currently use, virtual event platforms are focused on providing a digital experience that delivers the same – and often more – value of in-person events.

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These are just a few of the words in the new language of virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Need your own personal translator to get through the complexity of new technology and events? We’ve got your back. GTR is known for its helpfulness and customer service. Some might even say we’re “event superheroes.” We look forward to talking with you.

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