Using Automation to Streamline Your Event

Team GTRTeam GTR September 2, 2022

Event coordinators often see themselves as ducks in a pond, serene and smooth on the surface while paddling frantically within. No matter how cool you appear, we recognize that organizing and managing an event can be intensive. Thankfully, there are automations to speed up the routine and reduce the mundane.

Automating tasks and integrating tools will simplify your workflow.

Automations generally operate under “if this, then that” logic. For example, if Jane registers, then we send her an email in welcome. Or if an attendee enters data in this form, then it should populate in that database.

Automations can:

  • Simplify tasks such as registration, promotion, and report generation

  • Customize tasks such as email personalization and audience segmentation

  • Drive efficiencies with real-time information and optimization

Our event management platform offers opportunities to automate tasks, including:

  • Attendance tracking with handheld scanners, or attendees can scan themselves with an iPad kiosk.

  • Automated Continuing Education Unit (CEU) evaluations allow attendees to log in online and complete evaluations before printing their own CEU certificates.

  • Automated emails may be sent to session attendees at the conclusion of each session – or the end of the event – to receive feedback.

  • Exhibitors can use the GTR Leads™ mobile app or choose from one of our dedicated scanners to scan attendee badges and record the connection.

Automations with Zapier

GTR has partnered with Zapier, a cloud-based integration software that facilitates automations without the need for coding. Zapier’s automations are called Zaps, and they provide several templates and pre-made workflows to facilitate quick setup.

Some of our favorite Zaps include:

  • Add new GTR participants to Google Sheets.

  • Create GTR participants from Ticket Tailor orders.

  • Get Slack notifications for new GTR participants.

See more Zapier automations

Automations with APIs and Webhooks

Event professionals can take advantage of APIs, or application program interfaces, to communicate between technology and software to streamline processes. They may also use webhooks to “allow interaction between web-based applications through the use of custom callbacks.”

Our event management platform integrates with 34 different software platforms to facilitate automations and efficiencies. So whether ticketing with Eventbrite, emailing with MailChimp, or managing your CRM via Hubspot, your existing technology can integrate with GTR.

If you need a custom integration, our developers can help you find solutions or assist your development team in connecting programs via API or Webhook.

Simplifying, customizing, and driving efficiency with automations

By simplifying, customizing, and driving efficiency, you’ll have more time in your day to focus on other essential tasks while improving cost-effectiveness and optimising your event towards success.

We can help simplify your processes even more. If you’d like to learn more about event registration, attendance tracking, or how we can help with your next event, get in touch with us here.

Happy event planning,
Team GTR™ 👋

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