The Importance of On-Site Support with your Event Technology

Team GTRTeam GTR March 10, 2020

Did you know, on average, businesses save 223 hours per year by using event technology? (Bizzabo, 2018). That’s over nine days of precious time that can be used, creating a remarkable event!

Event technology should be a tool used to better your work life, not an added stressor to an already busy schedule. Sadly, we all know the narrative of complicated tech that doesn’t work and results in you, sitting on hold, waiting for some IT person. We at GTR™ recognize the importance of utilizing amazing tech. It is why we emphasize easy to use technologies, utilized with a purpose to aid in the execution of your upcoming corporate event, tradeshow, or meeting. But we don’t simply stop there.

To make the process even easier (and save you vastly MORE time), GTR™ provides your event with unparalleled on-site support. Our knowledgeable event technology team strives to become an extension of you. We are not just experts on our machines and technology but are “people-focused,” making event technology the least of your worries and ensuring your attendees a remarkable experience. Our goal is to free you from the stress and allow you to focus on your primary objective of overseeing and growing your event! No more wasted time fumbling with iPads, printers, or having to understand whatever the venue networking person is telling you. After all, event planners should be able to concentrate on their attendees, not having to take on the additional role of the technician!

With over 10,000 worldwide events under our belt and counting, we are accustomed to spontaneous changes – from last-minute badge designs to adding additional attendees. We come equipped with backup plans for our backup plans. Don’t take risks when it applies to your event. Rather, rely on a friendly and knowledgeable team that will streamline your event processes to create a pleasant environment and experience for all!

If you’d like to learn more about our industry-leading event support or how GTR™ can help with your next event, check out or get in touch with us here.

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