We’ve Redesigned our Event Registration Platform

Team GTRTeam GTR July 2, 2020

We’ve been hard at work making improvements to the user interface and we’re ready to roll our our new look. It’s the same great registration platform you love, but now dressed to impress! In this latest update we’ve improved the overall UI/UX, added additional testing on the front end to catch code errors, and added additional visitor tracking while resolving some general bugs and fixes.

What Has Changed?

Updated Dashboard with More Data

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Registration Breakdown

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Visitor Tracking

At-a-glance, quickly see how many registrations you’ve collected by day and where your registration website traffic is coming from.

More Design Control

custom designed event registration

Design Settings

Robust styling & formatting options makes it easy to resize and align elements, bold text, underlined text, italicized text, change colors, select fonts, and more.

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Demo Event Homepage

Improved Custom Forms & Fields

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Custom Form Builder

The new design makes it easier than ever to create and add custom fields to your registration forms.

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Multi-step Questions

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Create Custom Fields

How will this help with your next event?

The new design makes it easier to build, track, and launch your event registration website(s). The platform is simpler to navigate and benefits from the design face lift! We hope you enjoy using the new interface, and stay tuned there’s more to come!

If you have any question or would like to learn more get in touch with us here.

Regards, Team GTR™ 👋

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