3 Reasons to Track Session Attendance at Your Event

Team GTRTeam GTR September 30, 2022

If you knew what your attendees wanted, wouldn’t you do more of it? Don’t just take their word for it, track your event attendance and let the data speak for them. Use attendee tracking to understand the expectations and actions of participants, validate your offers, and prove event ROI.

Attendee tracking can provide the data to identify the participant’s journey to registration and the way they interact with the event, providing opportunities for personalization and optimization. With attendee data at hand, you’ll be able to validate your event and exhibitor offers. Finally, tracking data can also demonstrate return on investment (ROI).

1. Follow the Attendee Journey

Start by looking at your tech stack to determine how participants find your event and how they interact with your registration page, and gain access to attendee demographics like location, position, and employer. Once attendees are registered and you have initial data to work with, you’ll need an attendance tracking software to determine how they interact within the event. Common attendance tracking features include:

  • Access Control: Determine which attendee groups have access to which session with permission-based entry.

  • Automated CEU Evaluations: Confirm which tracks attendees are participating in as they log in online and complete evaluations before printing their own CEU certificates.

  • Automated Surveys: Ask session attendees for feedback at the conclusion of each session or at the end of the event.

  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: View attendance data from the GTR Track™ Reporting Dashboard or create custom reports.

event attendee journey

2. Validate Your Event Offers

Lean into the aspects of your event that participants are excited about. Did someone spend a long time checking out a certain speaker page? Are they bookmarking sessions before you begin?

If your content is resonating, attendance and duration numbers will support your observations. The data from attendance tracking can ensure you have the right topics, speakers, and session formats.

Both you and your exhibitors can further validate offers by measuring new leads and engagement with a lead retrieval app. Use this data in combination with attendee behavior to strategize future events accordingly.

3. Demonstrate ROI

When determining the return on investment for your organization and your exhibitors, the data and analytics such as sessions attended, duration of attendance, and engagements provide obvious results.

GTR event technology can also be integrated with customer relationship management systems to continue tracking and demonstrating ROI after the event concludes.

Plus, successful events can provide a return on investment for the brand itself, in perceptions of higher quality of products or services, higher customer advocacy rates, referrals, and continuation of service or additional purchases.

These three overarching reasons to use attendance tracking for your next event will not only improve that effort but all future events. Our team is standing by to help your next event run smoothly.

Since 1995, we’ve provided in-person events with innovative technologies and hands-on service, powering more than 12,000 events around the world. Get in touch if you’re looking to implement attendance tracking at your next event.

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