November 2022 Platform Updates

Team GTRTeam GTR November 21, 2022

What’s New?

We’re excited to announce version 3.1! 🎉

In our latest release, we’re introducing an event creation wizard, revitalized company dashboard, badge builder, emails templates, and more.

List of Enhancements

Company Dashboard:

Meet your new home base. We’ve overhauled the company dashboard to help you better visualize your data. With a clearer user interface, you’ll find areas for company statistics for each GTR module, as well as a quick glance at live, upcoming, and past events.

gtr company dashboard

Events Tab:

Plan for future events, analyze past ones. Get a comprehensive look at your timeline with our new Events Tab that displays Live, Upcoming, and Past/Archived Events.

gtr events tab

Event Creation Wizard:

Our Event Creation Wizard takes the guesswork out of getting started. It’ll walk you through the process of setting up your event, allowing you to select an event type and category, and even add your own favicon.

gtr event creation wizard

Event Overview Dashboard:

Checking in on an event? We’ve integrated a new dashboard to highlight critical data points, complete with helpful tool tips at your fingertips.

gtr event overview dashboard

UI update for Settings:

We’ve moved the registration settings to the Registration tab (rather than the Event Overview tab) and updated the user interface for ease of use.

gtr event overview dashboard ui

Report Updates:

We’ve reorganized the Report fields in alphabetical order and updated your view.

  • Starred fields are fields that exist on the registration form.

  • On the view page of a report, clicking the 👁eye icon will take you directly to the participant’s record.

gtr report updates

Participant Table Searches:

We’ve updated the table filters per event to include advanced search options on the participants’ table, as well as providing saving and naming capabilities.

GTR™ Badge Builder:

We’ve simplified the badge-building process so you can design your badge right the GTR™ Platform. Customize fields and design elements so your badge works hard. Don’t know where to start? Check out our guide to designing the perfect badge.

gtr badge builder

Device Check-In/Check-Out Enhancements:

We’ve updated the Device Check-In and Check-Out functionality to include:

  • The addition of a quantity field for multiple devices.

  • Search bar functionality on the participant.

  • Filtering for exhibitors in the participant dropdown.

  • The addition of a character counter on messages.

gtr device check-in enhancement

Lead Retrieval Reporting:

We’ve added pie charts for Lead Retrieval scans to demonstrate lead distribution at a glance:

gtr lead retrieval reporting

Updated Platform Emails:

Streamline your email process! We have updated the email templates that are created by the system on event creation to include the following templates:

  • Registration Confirmation

  • Login Details

  • Your QR Code

  • Invited

  • Your Leads

  • Lead Retrieval Orders Confirmation

  • Lead Retrieval Orders Promotion

  • Lead Retrieval Orders Activation Codes

updated platform emails

GTR Promote Revenue:

We’ve added a revenue tile for GTR Promote to demonstrate the revenue generated per referral code.

promote revenue code

Promo Code Expiration:

Control when participants can use a promo code: you can now set a start and end date and time for promo codes.

promo code expiration

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about our latest release.

Stay tuned there’s more to come!

Happy event planning, Team GTR™ 👋

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