The GTR™ Virtual Event Platform

Team GTRTeam GTR April 7, 2020

Has the Coronavirus Forced You to Rethink Your Conference? Don’t Cancel Your Event, Go Virtual.


The worldwide impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus has sent shock-waves through the event industry. Many planners (including GTR™) have been forced to work with a great deal of uncertainty as our world rapidly changes. While most in-person events have understandably cancelled across the industry, we’re speaking with event planners about how they can still bring people together without breaking any social distancing precautions. Those faced with the decision of whether to cancel their events should consider pivoting to a GTR™ Virtual Event.

The GTR™ Virtual Event Platform can seamlessly shift your conference, trade-show, or event to an online experience.

Online Event Agenda

gtr online event agenda

Interactive Educational Sessions

gtr online video

What is a Virtual Event Platform?


A Virtual Event Platform is an online event experience that combines educational sessions, networking, keynotes, exhibits & sponsors. In other words, everything included in an in-person event, just on the web with the goal of attaining the same level of attendee engagement.

  • Interactive Educational Sessions
  • Networking & Relationships
  • Sponsor & Exhibitor Value
  • Online Lead Retrieval
  • Attendee Directories
  • Live Multi-Attendee Virtual Meet-ups
  • Virtual Trade-show
  • Attendee Engagement

Why use the GTR™ Virtual Event Platform?


During these uncertain times, we understand it is challenging to plan for an event that may or may not take place. We want to help alleviate that concern with the flexibility to pivot your in-person event to the virtual world.


Here’s how this looks in real life, if you partner with us for any of the following GTR™ event technology solutions:

Should you need to convert your conference or trade-show to a virtual online event, we simply convert all of the applicable products and services into our Virtual Event Platform. Best of all, our team of experts are there to assist you throughout the entire process. No figuring out new software, no how-to videos, and no fumbling through configuring and connecting another technology platform. We will handle the process for you with our flexible platform tailored to your event desires and specifications.


As we have since our founding in 1995, we are here to help. Events are hard, we make them simple.


If you’d like to learn more about virtual events, or how GTR™ can help, check out or get in touch with us here.

Regards, Team GTR™