Introducing the New GTR™ HTML Editor

Team GTRTeam GTR November 26, 2019

We are excited to share that we recently upgraded the GTR™ Developer Tools with the introduction of a new HTML editor. This editor has been implemented throughout all GTR™ Event Technology and improves the user experience with a drop-in WYSIWYG rich text editor. This simple, but powerful HTML editor provides an intuitive user interface for developing and editing web content easier and faster. With countless plugins and multiple programming languages supported, this new HTML editor will be a pillar of the GTR™ Developer Tools for years to come.

How will this help with your next event?

gtr html editor details

Styling & Formatting

Robust styling & formatting options makes it easy to resize and align elements, bold text, underlined text, italicized text, change colors, select fonts, and more.

Undo & Redo

Make a mistake and need to revert back? Simply undo!

Advanced Linking

Easily insert web or email links. Use advanced settings to open a link in a new tab or specify a predefined list of links to choose from.

Paste from Microsoft Office

Paste text from Word and the editor will clean up all the unnecessary code that comes along with pasting from Microsoft Products and ensure your text looks right every time.

Image Editing

Drag & drop or paste a URL to insert an image and upload to our CDN. You can also drag & drop images to reposition them and it’s easy to resize, align, and even make them links.

Video Editing

Easily insert videos by URL. Our editor automatically parses Youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo and Daily Motion video links. Resize, align, remove, or preview it directly from the editor without having to leave the page.


Keep your data organized using tables, with both basic and advanced operations on cells, rows and columns. There’s now a special table cell selection feature that provides the same experience across all browsers.


Enough with words already. With our new editor you can just use emojis. 😜

Spell Check

Spell check uses the browser spell check and will help prevent grammatical errors.

We hope you enjoy using the new editor. Stay tuned there’s more to come!

If you have any question or would like to learn more get in touch with us here.

Regards, Team GTR™ 👋

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