2021: A Year in Review

Travis TuckerTravis Tucker January 4, 2022

After 25 years riding the waves of the event industry, we’ve learned that success only comes when we take time to assess our work and optimize accordingly. If 2020 was all about pivoting to become virtual event experts, 2021 was about honing our craft. In the past year we have…

  • Hosted over 230 full-service virtual events, serving over 500,000 attendees.

  • Created a slew of guides to help Event Planners boost their ROI.

  • Released a long list of platform upgrades.

  • Continued to grow our talented team (in fact, we’re currently hiring for our Development, Sales, and Client Success teams…if you know anyone!).

  • Rolled out our Event Guarantee.

  • Conducted over 1680 zoom sessions with minimal zoom fatigue (because our team is awesome).

  • Provided technology and service to over 40 in-person events. Far fewer than years past but we are celebrating them anyway!

Event Planning in 2022

We couldn’t be more excited about where the event industry is going in 2022. Things are never going to “go back to normal” – and that’s just fine with us. Event planners have shown an appreciation for the increased reach and rich data sets of virtual events, and there will be continued innovation to improve attendee engagement. This means prepping a virtual event will require an even heavier emphasis on wowing with quality production, facilitating meaningful conversations, and creatively incorporating sponsors.

While we ride waves of new Covid strains and economic uncertainty (looking at you, supply chain pains and labor shortages), the industry will still continue to through virtual, smaller in-person, and hybrid events. With each variant, there comes new challenges and new opportunities: planning a single event these days requires a little extra love.

No one can quite predict the future, but one thing’s for certain: we’ll be continuing to get folks together in new and exciting ways in 2022.


-Travis Tucker

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