26 Reasons to be Excited About A2Z Events

Team GTRTeam GTR November 30, 2022

With our recent acquisition, event teams now have access to Personify’s community-building platform as well as the operational efficiencies inherent to the floor management integrations of A2Z Events.

A2Z + GTR = Comprehensive Event Management Capabilities

We feel a sense of synergy when it comes to A2Z Events. They are similarly focused on helping event teams streamline operations while maximizing revenue opportunities that lead to sustainable revenue growth. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together 26 things that excite us about A2Z Events as a means of better introducing you to our newest collaborator.

  1. Streamline operations for all of your events into a single database.

  2. Support long-term goals with multi-year, multi-event architecture.

  3. Create event floorplans for booths and exhibitors.

  4. Sell space and promotional opportunities with simplified payment collection.

  5. Integrate badge scanning and lead retrieval.

  6. Manage booth staff registration.

  7. Access online contracts.

  8. Utilize mobile apps for active information retrieval.

  9. Create and compare cross-event reports.

  10. Include unlimited users.

  11. Provide exhibitors, speakers, and attendees with the power of self-service.

  12. Level up your team with extensive online education.

  13. Acknowledge expertise with A2Z’s certification programs.

  14. Find attendees and exhibitors with search functionality.

  15. Up your networking game with matchmaking intelligence.

  16. Schedule appointments for all event formats: in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

  17. Create online event communities for pre-, during, and post-event networking.

  18. Tap into A2Z’s Client Community for sharing best practices and ideas and access to exclusive events.

  19. Share mission-critical data across applications or with clients and partners with proven, reliable integrations to AMS, CRM, registration systems, and meetings industry service providers for total visibility across key systems.

  20. Easily submit and manage speaking proposals and calls for papers.

  21. Celebrate your people with the A2Z Event Professionals Awards.

  22. Choose from three Event Management and Marketing (EMM) tiers: EMM Core, EMM Plus, and EMM Pro.

Plus, A2Z Events has got you covered with (23) business solution architects, (24) account managers, (25) project managers, and (26) support teams.

GTR and A2Z Events are your strategic partners, whether you organize large scale tradeshows or smaller conferences.

GTR, as part of the Personify family, is proud to offer a complete event management platform for organizers of trade shows, conferences, corporate meetings, and other events of all variations and sizes. No matter the event type, complexity, or size, GTR provides a cost-effective tool with the flexibility to integrate planning data and workflows.

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We’re Here to Help

You can learn more about GTR’s acquisition by Personify’s Community Experience Platform here. For additional questions not addressed above, please review our Client FAQ.

If you’d like to learn more about event registration, attendance tracking, or how we can help with your next event, get in touch with us.

Happy event planning,
Team GTR™ 👋

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