Flexible Event Badges

Make memories and showcase your event with our custom badges.

  • Design Your Badges

  • Paper, Plastic, or Synthetic

  • Add Unique Barcodes or QR Codes

  • Monochrome or Colored

  • Eco Friendly

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event badges

Our Badge Templates

Choose from one of our badge templates or ask us about our custom badge options

4 x 3″ Paper Badges

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4x3 gtr event badge

1.59 x 2.535″ Plastic Badges

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4 x 6″ Paper Badges

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4x6 gtr event badge

3.46 x 4.88″ Plastic Badges

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Request a sample badge pack and get your questions answered.

GTR™ Event Badge Options
Paper  Synthetic  Plastic  
Badge Sizes4″ x 3″
4″ x 5″
4″ x 6″
4″ x 5″
4″ x 6″
1.59″ x 2.535″
3.46″ x 4.88″
3.5″ x 5.5″
4″ x 3″
4″ x 5″
4″ x 6″
Custom Sizes  
Double-sided Printing  
Rounded Corners  
Print area  tbdtbdtbd
QR Codes
Badges Per Hour- Color150250400
Badges Per Hour – Monochrome250500800
Minimum Qty.250500800

Need a Custom Badge Size?

Our event technology consultants can facilitate many other badging solutions to find the exact right fit for your next event.


Want to feel the difference in badges?

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GTR Badges

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Eco-Friendly Badge Options

Tailored to your design preferences – thermal, paper, poly, plastic laminate, and more!

Dynamic Badge Printing

Print dynamic information on each badge such as an agenda or dietary restriction.

Barcode Integration

Automatically create and print unique barcodes or QR codes on each badge.

Badge Preview

Reduce event badge reprints by showing the attendee how their badge will look like once on-site during the registration process.

Free or Paid Registrations

Process payments or accept registrations for free events with our flexible payment processing options.

Embed Your Registration Forms

Embed your registration form on another website with a simple code snippet.

Secure, Ad-Free, & Private

We don’t advertise to attendees or share your data with third parties. GTR™ Register is PCI-compliant and up to date with all Data Security Standards (DSS).

Showcase Your Sponsors

Increase your event revenue by providing sponsorships opportunities with high visibility on your event registration website.

Reporting & Analytics

View and share event performance in real-time. Understand your event like never before with actionable insights.

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