Administering Continuing Education Units Online

Team GTRTeam GTR December 1, 2020

Your annual meeting was postponed, but you still have hundreds of professionals who need their Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The clock is ticking until they can get recertified. What can you do?

If you are used to holding CEU programs in-person, and your accreditation body allows for it, you can transition that classroom curriculum online.

Don’t worry! CEUs have been available online for some professions for years. Your professional accreditation board may have already accepted online administration for years, but it never became a necessity for your organization until now.

Your first step is to ladder up to your accreditation body to make sure that you can administer CEUs online. You’ll also want to get their guidelines for online CEU classes and certifications. This way, you’ll be designing a curriculum in line with accreditation requirements and save time on programming.

Wait, you said programming.

Again, don’t worry! Various accreditation activities include tests, quizzes, and recording attendance. These are all things that the right technology platform can help you with. With event platforms like GTR Event Technology, we make sure that programming is intuitive and easy. And most importantly, customizable to your profession’s specific curriculum.

What format do you need?

With consultation with your accreditation body, you may be able to hold synchronous (live) or asynchronous (on-demand, play-back at any time) CEU training. You will likely need to have quizzes or testing components.

You may also need to segment the course into modules (or chapters, sections, or lessons) that will pause before a test. Students may need to pass that module before they pass on to the next one.

Depending on your accreditation body, prepare to have your curriculum in a format that they could approve. For the synchronous (live) format, this could be a script, presentation, or curriculum. For the asynchronous (recorded) format, this could be a link to your learning module. Check with your accreditation body for what you need to prepare.

Add a CEU training to your virtual conference

With an event technology platform, like GTR Event Technology, we can help you add CEU trainings to your existing virtual conference.

We know that your accreditation conferences can be a large source of revenue for you. With our event technology platform, we can help you transition trade shows and keynote speakers online to keep key elements of your in-person conference in place online.

You can include CEU trainings to your conference schedule in either the synchronous (live) or asynchronous (recorded) format. Using our platform, you can also include CEU tests or quizzes. Our platform also includes a way for you to record registration and completion so that you can certify CEUs.

Keep it engaging

If you go either synchronous or asynchronous, you’ll have to keep it engaging. For both live and recorded trainings, set your expectations upfront on what students can expect. If it’s recorded, can they pause? If it’s live, will they be required to participate?

What makes your in-person conferences great? It’s that we got to hear the latest information on our professions from people who know what they are talking about. You can still do that and get CEUs online.

Invite other speakers to introduce case studies. These guests could introduce situations that represent the latest in your field. With several voices represented in a training, it adds variety that helps people keep engaged and less likely to zone out.

If you are doing a live training, consider how you would build engagement. You could have polls during the session. If small enough, you could let people know that you are going to call on people throughout the session for their input (remember, warning people makes it easier for them to respond!).

Keep your synchronous sessions that you’d have in-person and add a test (or quiz) at the end. This will require your speaker to get their session done early enough to give you the number of questions you need to certify their CEU.

Technology to support your curriculum

Now how to bring it together? You’ll need an event technology platform that can help you pull this off. Good news! Our event technology platform is optimized for CEU online training. We work with many clients with CEU accreditation needs and we have solutions to help you make this work.

Contact our team to learn more about what we can do to help you make your transition to online CEU’s easier.

Regards, Team GTR™ 👋

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