5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Event App

Team GTRTeam GTR May 20, 2022

Your attendees arrive at your event with a not-so-tiny computer in their pocket. They’ll be using this device all day long – to text, to check social media, to review emails from the office. Using a mobile app for your event taps into existing behavior while providing an opportunity to positively impact their event experience.

1. Influence Event Engagement

Mobile event apps can provide schedules, maps, organizer details, and speaker information. They can answer those frequently asked questions and help introduce other attendees, even providing an opportunity to meet up on-site for networking.

Nudges and notifications are great ways to ensure audience participation. Whether you’re running a complicated, multi-track conference or a simple single-track program, attendees can customize their event agenda and reminders can make sure attendees are in the right place at the right time.

2. Extend Event Messaging

Whether it’s real-time polls or questions for the speakers, sharing links to slides, or following up with helpful tools, mobile event apps can continue the conversation. For example, a mobile event app has built-in networking tools for exhibitors, sponsors, and stakeholders with session chats, moderated Q&As, and polling.

Use a social media integration feature to allow your attendees to share their experiences and takeaways with their own online audience, too.

3. Connect the In-Person with the Virtual

There have been many reasons to just stay home in years past but that doesn’t mean virtual attendees have to miss out on the full experience. In addition to live streaming sessions, attendees can still network and check out exhibitors from the comfort of their homes or offices.

This benefit works overtime, providing a platform to allow attendees to catch replays after the event wraps up, revisiting their favorite presentations or watching the ones they missed.

Consider, also, the perks of customizing your Mobile Event App custom with white-labeled branding to enhance a seamless experience.

4. Promote Sponsor Presence

You’ve chosen your sponsors and exhibitors because you genuinely feel their products or services can help your attendees. Remind attendees of their support with in-app advertisements or value adds.

5. Track Event Objectives

Use your mobile event app to send surveys and polls to attendees to be sure they are getting the full value of your event. Track clicks and interactions to determine what features your audience is using and what they’re most interested in. Also, track interactions with your sponsors to provide those who’ve invested in your event the data on their own on-app presence.

Those are the five overarching reasons to use a mobile app for your next event. Our team is standing by to help your next event run smoothly.

Since 1995, we’ve provided in-person events with innovative technologies and hands-on service, powering more than 12,000 events around the world. Get in touch if you’re looking to implement a mobile app at your next event.

event mobile app for keeping attendees connected during your event

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