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Types of Events

Navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19 by choosing the event type that’s right for your audience.

plan a virtual event


Offer a rich online experience for attendees anywhere.

plan a hybrid event


Rest easy with the best of online and in-person event planning.

plan an in-person event


Create a worthwhile (and safe) experience for any size audience.

Flexible Event Technology

Built for conferences, trade-shows, conventions, expos, corporate events, and more. Hardware and software that works for you, with expert end-to-end support.

virtual event platform
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Virtual Event Platform

We’ve taken years of in-person event expertise and applied it to the digital world of virtual events. Create an online event experience that combines educational sessions, networking, keynotes, exhibits, and sponsors – all aimed at keeping attendee engagement high.

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Event Registration

Give attendees a great first impression with a stunning online event registration website. Capture all the important attendee information, offer discount codes, create custom registration types, and securely process payments.

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an attendee registering for a virtual event
touchless on-site event badge printing
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Touchless Badge Printing

Improve the on-site arrival process with a streamlined check-in that allows attendees to seamlessly register walk-in attendees, and kick off your event by focusing more on attendees and less on event technology.

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Attendance Tracking

Understand the flow of your attendees and track session attendance. Automate your CEU evaluations, certificates, and surveys with handheld attendance scanners or allow attendees to scan themselves with a check-in kiosk.

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attendees in a session earning ceu credits
exhibitor meeting an attendee
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Lead Retrieval

Provide your exhibitors with reliable lead retrieval technology that simplifies follow-up and increases ROI. Capture leads quickly and efficiently with a simple QR or barcode scan.

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